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Virtues of Ramadhan

Posted on: September 23, 2007


RAMADAAN is a month of countless blessings and virtues. The word RAMADAAN is derived from “ramdh’ which means “burning of the feet from heat” This is because of the fast, which burns the sins of a Muslim into ashes.

RAMADAAN has been given the name of blessed month because:

1. In this month, the whole Qur’aan was sent down to the first sky from Lawhe Mahfooz.

2. In this month, there is the night of Qadr, which is better than 1000 months.

3. In this month, the thawaab of good deed is equal to the fardh of another month.

4. This is the month of patience and the reward of this patience is Jannah.

5. This month teaches the lesson of kindness towards others.

6. In this month, the daily bread of Muslims is increased.

7. In this month, the first ten days are of mercy, second ten days are of forgiveness and the last ten days are of being freed from Hell.

8. The month of RAMADAAN is a month in which the Mercy and Blessings of Allah Ta’ala descend upon us continuously.

This month is so precious that one should fast, recite Qur’aan and engage in worship (Ibaadah) day and night. One should perform Taraaweeh, Nafl Salaat, make du’aa, etc. In this way, by giving preference to religion over self-desires, a person can acquire the Pleasure and Nearness of Allah. Each day and night of this blessed month can bring the reward of Ibaadah of years.


Ka’b Ibne ‘Ujrah radhiyallahu anhu relates that the Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, “Come near the pulpit,” and we came near the pulpit. When he ascended the first step of the pulpit, he said, “Ameen.” When he ascended the second step, he said, “Ameen.” When he ascended the third step, he said, “Ameen.” When he descended, we said, “O Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, we have heard from you today something which we never heard before.” He said, “When I ascended the first step, Jibra’eel appeared before me and said, ‘Woe to the person who found the blessed month of RAMADAAN and let it pass by without gaining forgiveness.’

Upon that I said: Ameen. When I ascended the second step, he said, ‘Woe to the person whom when your name is mentioned and he does read Durood (Salawaat) on you. ‘I replied: Ameen. When I ascended the third step he said, ‘Woe to that person in whose presence his parents or either one of them attains old age, and (through failure to serve them) he is not allowed to enter Paradise.’ I said: Ameen.” (Bukhaari)

Salmaan radhiyallahu anhu relates that Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, “RAMADAAN is a blessed month. In this month, is a night better than a thousand months. Fasting has been made compulsory and Taraaweeh Sunnah. Whosoever tries drawing nearer to Allah by performing any virtuous deed in this month, for that person shall be such reward as if that person had performed a ‘Fardh’ in any other time of the year. And whoever performs a ‘Fardh’ for him shall be the reward of seventy ‘Fardh’ in any other time of the year. This is indeed the month of patience, and the reward for patience is Paradise; it is the month of sympathy with one’s fellowmen; this is the month wherein a true believer’s Rizq is increased.” Bayhaqi

In this month the doors of Paradise are opened and the doors of hell are closed. And the Shayaateen are chained. (Bukhaari, Muslim)

This is a month, the first part of which brings Allah’s Mercy, the middle of which brings His forgiveness and the last part of which brings emancipation from the fire of Hell. Bayhaqi During each day and night of this month, Allah sets free a great number of souls from Hell. And for every Muslim during each day and night, at least one prayer is certainly accepted. (Bazzaa)r

In this month, the Ummah of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam are given these things specially:

1. The smell from the mouth of a fasting person is sweeter in the sight of Allah than the fragrant smell of musk.

2. On their behalf the fish in the sea seek forgiveness until they break their fast.

3. For them, paradise is decorated everyday.

4. For them, the evil minded shaytaan is chained.

5. On the last night of RAMADAAN they are forgiven


4 Responses to "Virtues of Ramadhan"

masya allah. allah dah bagi kita chance sangat. tapi itulah ye. dah 11 bulan kene training dengan syaitan. keep on posting ‘and pasting jugak, heheh’. may allah gives you reward. selamat menyambut ramadhan 11 anis. jom kejar sementara masih boleh. heheh.

a’a itulah aini..terkedu gak tadi bile membaca n mengedit…xsangka banyak sungguh hikmah sebalik puasa ini..bnyak betul peluang diberikan..terpulang pada kita nak ke xnak..jom aini, kita kejar..sebelum ia pergi….jom2.. 😀

I would like to see a continuation of the topic

ill try to find it if there are any, Maximus…

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