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Good or Bad??

Posted on: September 6, 2007

Once upon a time, there was a king. The king liked one of his followers very much because he was very wise and always gave him very useful advices. Therefore the king took him along wherever he went.

One day, the king was bitten by a dog, his finger was injured and the wound was getting worse and worse. He asked the follower if that was a bad sign. The follower said, Good or bad, hard to say. In the end, the finger of the king was too bad that it had to be cut. The king asked the follower again if that was a bad sign. Again, the follower gave him the same answer, Good or bad, hard to say. The king became very angry and he sent the follower to prison.

One day, the king went for hunting in the jungle. He got excited when he was on the chase of a deer. Deeper and deeper he went inside the jungle. In the end he found himself lost in the jungle. To make thing worse, he got captured by the native people living inside the jungle.

They wanted to sacrifice him to their god. But when they noticed that the king had one short finger, they released him immediately as he was not a perfect man anymore and not suitable for sacrifice. The king managed to get back to his palace after all. And he finally understood the followers wise quote, Good or bad, hard to say. If he hadnt lost one finger, he could have been killed by the native people.

He ordered to release the follower, and apologized to him. But to the king amaze, the follower was not mad at him at all. Instead, the follower said, It wasn’t a bad thing that you locked me up. Why? Because if the king hadnt locked the follower up, he would have brought the follower along to the jungle. If the native found that the king was not suitable, they would have sacrificed the follower. Again, the quote Good or bad, hard to say stands.

The moral of the story:

Everything that happens in this world, there is no absolute good or bad. Sometimes good things turned out to be bad things eventually, while bad things become a gain. That is why in all circumstances we have to possess full believe in the Destiny (Qadr) of Allah because He knows everything we do before we do it! He is All-Knowing!

Whatever good things that happen to you, enjoy it, but dont have to hold too tight to it, treat it as a surprise in your life. Whatever bad things that happen to you, dont have to feel too sad or despair, in the end, it might not be a total bad thing after all.

If one can understand this, he or she will find life much easier. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.


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